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Fabric Art Workshops
A one  day ( or more) class whose main emphasis is to venture beyond the conventional methods of quiltmaking into an open ended approach to ARTMAKING.

"Fish and Chips" 2003, 16"x16"
"It Always Rains on Moving Day" 2004, 13.5"x13.5"
Fantastic Fabric Faces

Here's a unique way to use those fabrics with large prints in small art quilts. Pamela will demonstrate a fabric collage technique that uses the shapes in large prints....such as those from sarong batiks or floral fantasy components of a portrait face.  A curling vine becomes an eye, a circle becomes a chin.  Pamela also provides fabrics that have been bubble jet printed with eyes, mouths etc to help in the creation. Emphasis in this class will be on the creative process with less fussing about sewing techniques and traditional quilting methods.

"Small Hair" 2003, 24"x24"
""Big Hair" 2003, 24"x24"
Course description
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Under the Influence
Most artists look at and admire the work of others. Therein lies a dilemma however, in that how can one learn to appreciate, absorb and make use of our visual knowledge without appropriating that artist's vision and imagery?  How can one achieve a personal content to our work and avoid the dreaded label of "derivative"? In the genre of fabric collage/art quilt, Pamela will help the student to translate a work of art into an original and personal vision.  There will be discussion and critiquing of the nature of art history and how it can benefit the student by broadening her visual vocabulary. At the same time, there will be exciting hands on translation of that influence into a small art quilt with the emphasis being placed on a personal expression rather than copying.

"We Two Boys Together Clinging" by David Hockney
"Compassiopn Giving Comfort" shown in America from the Heart Houston 2001
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Is it possible to make 4 quilts in one day? A resounding YES as Pamela uses the small format and spontaneous creativity to bypass all the prethinking and go directly to the heart.  The class will be guided through 6 important design elements by creating a small quilt that concentrates on each. The class will be FAST and fun but  should nevertheless afford the student time to go beyond what can be acheived in one day on a bigger project. We will explore composition, colour, narrative, embellishment, and machine quilting in the course of the day. 
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What Makes a GOOD Composition

This class of three to five days,is an ongoing exploration of ART QUILTING and all its trials and challenges . Many quilt artists come from the genre of more traditional work and are thus very skilled in the technical aspects of quilt making. However when crossing the line into art, other considerations come to the fore...such as style, content, formal elements, composition. These characteristics are more ephemeral and difficult to define. It requires time and practice to reach that confidence of knowing what is good and what is not so good. This workshop is devoted to the fundamental challenge of what makes a pleasing composition.  Exercises are designed to explore separate facets of composition over the weekend through small quilt designs done quickly and spontaneously.  The class will touch upon the formal elements of a composition, the expressive capabilities of colour, the narrative possibilities of an image.

Left to right..................Black and white composition........... limited palette composition.......... independant study .  Over the course of the weekend, students explore various elements of artmaking culminating in a freeform expression of their own.

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Three to five day class.

Have you made the transition from traditionally designed quilts to ART quilts? Would you like to?  Then this is the class for you.

There are two parts to every art is the technical expertise of stitching, applique, quilting, blocking, binding. And we all continue to improve in this category simply by making work .  The other side ... the ART more ephemeral and esoteric perhaps, as it requires many years of questioning, risk taking and imagination to develop. Pamela has designed a three -five day program that will start the student along the road to that development. Students will hone in on the whole process of art making using a series of hands on exercises which focus on the important elements of creativity.  Each  morning and afternoon, the class will work on projects that address certain problems faced by every artist. 

Below are examples of student half day projects...Black and white Composition. Composition with line. Composition using complementary colour pallette. Independant study.

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Four Quilts- One Day
I am in this book! THE MASTERS: ART QUILTS.
I am in this book too! CREATING WITH FABRIC.  Click on pic to learn more.

Course description

Course description

You may think that the still life is what you do when you can't think of a REAL subject. Pamela's class exploring this genre, will convince you otherwise as you first learn the basic elements of a good composition with a black and white study, then design a unique and personal still life emphasizing one of any number of expressions such as "quirky", "domestic" "traditional" or 'folky".

black and white study, STRIPED FISH AND VESSELS, 2008
limited palette study,THREE VESSELS PERFECTLY ALIGNED, 2008
printed fabric study, BEETS, ONIONS AND CHERRIES, 2008
I have an instructional DVD. Contact me for  more info.
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                                                IMPORTANT NOTICE!

You may already know that in the Spring of 2010, I was summarily prohibited from teaching in the US. I have tried to get a temporary permit, but to no avail. Of course I am wanting to teach in Canada too, so all offers are welcome!

I am now offering a series of online workshops  three or four  times a year. Each week I post a hands on exercise addressing some aspect of the subject. I take only 20 students. We have a private yahoo group and are able to post photo of WIPs with the messages. I do  one on one personal critiques, often with tweaking suggestions in Paint Shop Pro. All the students can comment , ask questions and discuss art is very friendly and lively.  I give little mini-lectures on Art history, or process or whatever comes up while we do the exercises.

I have developed seven online workshops so far. Tuition is $130.00 for four weeks and can be paid through paypal using my email address.

The next scheduled workshop is


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1.  THINK LIKE AND ARTIST- An in depth study of the elements and principles of Art and  making good compositions in the quiltart medium.

2.  STILL LIFE IS BORING- NOT!  Exploring the genre in various ways in a contemporary form.

3.  ABOUT STYLE Learn how we arrived at the huge variety of artistic expression today. We talk and do exercises about modernism including Cubism, Minimalism and Impressionism.

4.  PATTERN AND COLOR  Explores the potential inherent in the fabric medium that as yet has not been fully exploited. Using pattern to develop form. Making striped fabric do your bidding. Examining how the great Modern  Masters did it through color palette, copying a painting in fabric ( a loose copy....we don't want to just appropriate someone else's vision) and making personal work based on what we learn.

5.  FIGURES AND FACES  Overcome your fear of the human form! We will make portraits and figures while referring to the history and contemporary examples of the genre. 

6.  FOUR QUILTS, ONE SUBJECT. This class devotes the time to exploring in detail and greater depth a single subject matter in many different genres and expressions.

7.  ABOUT CONTRAST. An in depth exploration of various aspects of contrast through color,shape,value and variety.

8.  WHAT MAKES A GOOD COMPOSITION. ,is an ongoing exploration of ART QUILTING and all its trials and challenges . Many quilt artists come from the genre of more traditional work and are thus very skilled in the technical aspects of quilt making. However when crossing the line into art, other considerations come to the fore...such as style, content, formal elements, composition. tHIS COURSE ADDRESSES THESE ISSUES.

A composition using a limited two color palette. Wonderful use of the pattern in the cloth to create the rocks and pillars.  Jennifer Cooper
Karol Kusmaul has copied a Vuillard painting so successfully by observing carefully the values and muted colors of the original
Suanne Reed  has the subtle values and tints of  the much more contemporary Penny Feder  painting.
A village appears in all its dimensions with use of stripes and angles.  Carole  Grant.
After studying and copying a Matisse painting, Rhoda Forbes has created her own  lively composition with the Matisse palette.
"I love the format, the delivery, the teaching and can't please all your students. I make time to take your classes and do the best I can.
I am greedy and would love to have the classes longer, but is it just me wanting more of your 'fountain of knowledge'.
I have learned so much about theory , types of art movements, the old masters and such in your classes, they are all a ray of light.
Like others, I struggle with lot's of areas, but that is what learning is, if we did it perfect the first time we wouldn't be taking a class. We learn by our mistakes!"  

Rhoda Forbes in Canada
"I would sign up for anything you teach! Sooner or later I have that light bulb moment and it all clicks into place.I like the format, I love the critiques... we get to learn from everyone along the way. I like the combination of theory and hands on. I have really learned so much over the years and I especially like the interaction of everyone. We do become sort of become a mini family... certainly something that doesn't happen in a 2 or 3 day live class. " 

Sherryl Buchler

Student comments and examples from PATTERN AND COLOR:

"Just tell me some time in advance, so I don't sign up for anything else! The way you plan and teach your classes is just perfect. " 

Synnove Vanar in Norway

Suzanne  Sanger has done an amazing old town alleyway with patterned fabrics. Really good deep space...yes?
4 Quilts classroom
4 Quilts fourth exercise....a multipaneled piece.
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